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What Does It Mean when A Bank or Similar Institution Says I Need to Get Letters or A Letter from The Court?

Jan. 1, 2020

First off, they are not talking about the kind of letter you mail. They are referring to Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration. The term “Letters” refers to the paper giving the person in charge of a deceased person’s estate the power to act on behalf of that estate.

Getting Letters is no simple matter. Letters are only issued as part of a probate proceeding. As I explained in two of my previous posts, this is very expensive and takes a long time. In demanding Letters, the bank, etc. is telling you to start probate. Fortunately, even though the institution is saying you need Letters, we may be able to get what you need without getting Letters.

The issues of whether you really need Letters, whether you can get Letters and how you can possibly accomplish what you want without Letters are issues I am familiar with. Call today for an appointment, I do not charge for consultations concerning the issues mentioned in this post.

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